Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Brings an Artist the Most Joy?

What brings an artist the most joy?

To have a vision of a complete work of art,
and to savor the process
of completing the vision,
and then sharing the vision
with others.

In the creation of the universe
God is the Master Artist;
He had a vision-

He said "Let there be Light"

In the full spectrum. (visible and invisible)

A wondrous universe;

in all its form, color
and variety,

The utter extravagance of it all.

I believe He could have created everything in an instant;
but because He Loves the Artistic process of creating—





He is savoring the process

knowing that it IS good.

He started it,
He is guiding it,
He is a part of it.

God can see the completed Vision.

So with Love and great Joy,
He is trying to share
the completed Vision
with us,
His most wonderful creation!

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