Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"No-Man's Land"

In rejoicing over life, I dance; therefore I am a seductress.

I enjoy political, theological and philosophical debate; therefore I am “intimidating”.

In enjoying these “debates” I find myself in many conversations with men; therefore I am trying to seduce them.

I try to encourage women to stand up and express themselves with out fear of reprisal; therefore I am a lesbian.

I speak out for being disturbed at the explicit sexual conversation around me; therefore I am a “Bible Thumper” and “from the wrong generation”.

I finally am given a chance to teach at church on Sunday; therefore it is assumed I am teaching children.

Jesus, I keep you firmly on the Throne. You alone are the author and perfector of my faith; I will look to you and try not to glance at the “wind and the waves” but where is it written in your Word that my cross is my gender?

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