Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kyrie Elesion

Father in heaven,
Please help me to keep going.

Jesus, help me bear the pain.
I am not strong enough.
I don’t ask you to take it away,
Then I would be less than human,
Just make me strong enough to take it.

These blessings you have given me,
Seem now to be my cross.

Lord, I so need your peace;
To guard my heart and mind.

I so love to be a blessing to others,
Yet, I need a blessing myself—

Lord, I know I purposely make myself
So busy that I don’t feel so alone;
But I’m exhausted.

Lord, I have nothing left—
Please fill me with your Spirit.

I need your strength, peace, love…
All of it—
That is the only way I can keep going.

Qui sedes, ad dexteram Patris mi se rere nobis.

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