Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ahh..."To be or not to be"...must be Maya

While traveling around town, I have noticed the interesting influence of “Eastern” philosophy in the reactions of people around me. With the school of thought that embraces the experiential and rejects rational thinking; that we should strive for unity with the Universe or the universal One-ness.

We rational Westerners need to let go; you know give up on the logical and rational and realize that all that is around us is merely ‘Maya’…Illusion and transitory. All should embrace non-logical forms of thinking (or non-thinking) and allow the “self” to merge with the un-differentiated ONE.

So it does not surprise me when driving down the road I see the SUV at the stop sign; the driver looks my way, then blissfully pulls out and crosses the road in front of me. So this must be an acknowledgement of embracing the contradiction...I am both there and not there.

Maybe next time I will try the same experiment and not use my brakes!

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Christina Langella said...

Love this!

Have a beautiful Lord's Day, my friend!