Thursday, October 7, 2010

Book review: "Sex, Lies, and the Truth"

Here's a first for me, I am posing a book review of the new book by an acquaintance of mine; Linda Belleville.

Although she and I have not yet met, we have over the last couple of years exchanged emails, and she is responsible for directing me to study at Colorado Christian University...where I am now officially a Junior. (Thanks Linda!)

I want to recommend her new book "Sex, Lies, and the Truth: Developing a Christian Ethic in a Post Christian Society" (2010) Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock.

This is a short, concise book that addresses all the common fallacies of the 21st century “Postmodern” world and the sexual excesses overlooked and accepted in daily live that are in conflict with biblical Christianity.

So many times in this society we tend to divorce ourselves from the commonalities between the “ancient” world and the modern world. Truth be told; there is ‘nothing new under the sun” and Linda makes this abundantly clear. There is no way to water it down…the same sins that faced the Old Testament, late Roman Empire, and today’s “Postmodern” world are common to us as they were in the days of Moses. The teachings of the Apostle Paul are as relevant to the church at Corinth as our own church down the block. Sexual immorality is as destructive today as then.

We as Christians have to draw the line “in the sand” and maintain the prepositional truths of the Bible. Catchy phrases as “relevance” or “relational” are no excuse for accepting the “majority rule.” The loss of biblical mandates of celibacy before marriage, and allowing for same sex marriage as well as male/female hierarchical dominance leads to unhealthy/ unbiblical relationships…all detrimental to the health of the “Body of Christ.” To allow or turn a blind eye to immorality is to “proof text” or twist the truth of God word to suit our own personal agendas.

Linda Belleville has done an excellent job of condensing many years of hard work into a concise book that hits home. This is a book I would highly recommend to add to your collection; and to pass on to friends with questions about sexuality in today’s over-stimulated world.

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