Friday, December 17, 2010


I was thinking about how in our Christian walk we try hard to be a good neighbor.

My neighbors are Mexican…they are a wonderful family with many relatives that come to visit them and share celebrations for birthdays and holidays…or just to have an impromptu meal. So at times there is a real fiesta right next door.

Now my Spanish language skills are basic, I do understand more than I can speak. But that is about it.

I have had the chance to help the little daughter get ready for kindergarten for she spoke almost no English, and interact with the nephews and nieces and various cousins and entertain them with dramatic readings of “If I ran the Zoo” to an appreciative audience.

But for birthdays and holidays I have learned to expect the knock on the door inviting me to come over for some food…and not much conversation.

Or there will be a knock on the door with the offer of a plate of wonderful homemade taquitos or carne-assada and a dish of red rice…and not too spicy either.

But this time, I was just wondering what to make for dinner, and I hear the timid knock on the door…and here is a young cousin with a foil rapped package of tamales…fresh and still hot! “My mother just made these” he said.

You know, I’m the neighbor that they share God’s love with.

And I am blessed.

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