Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ethics and Emotions

Here is an article on the real problems with a post-Christian society and the rules made by those who can weave the best emotional narrative.

In this article written by Wesley J. Smith, the point is made in law and ethics, when we are reduced to decision making by the tug on our heart strings rather than guiding principles; the best presentation and play on one's emotions wins.

For the first blog of the New Year, I am letting someone else's words be a guide.

The link is here.

My greatest wish and prayer for this year ahead is that we turn off the distractions and surrounding emotional frenzy, and spend time renewing our minds to the truth claims of Christianity. That we realize the importance of loving God with our minds...Christianity has the answers to this bleak and dark world. It is high time that we get up off our backsides and tell the world again!

God, help your body to out-think the world for your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ!


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