Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reason, Heart, and Diminishing the Passions: Pascal and Indirectly Willing to Belief

I will be presenting an undergraduate paper as a part of a student paper contest at the Midwest Region EPS meeting, March 25-26 in Cincinnati, OH.

So for those who follow this blog; I would appreciate your prayer support.

Here is my abstract:

Reason, Heart, and Diminishing the Passions; Pascal and Indirectly Willing to Belief. By Alice E. Guinther

This paper will explore the role of reason and our "heart" as viewed by Pascal, namely, that one could put oneself into a stance of being more receptive to the truth claims of Christianity by diminishing he "Passions" which Pascal held "...are your great stumbling blocks." According to Pascal, "That will make you believe quite naturally," Because evidently, one could then receive God's grace by recognizing the truth in one's heart. This paper will argue that the Pascalian wager construed in these terms will more likely find Christianity's claims to be reasonable and true. The problem I am addressing is this: Is Pascal's appeal to indirectly willing belief a valid one? Pascal encouraged, "Learn from those who have been bound like you, and now wager all they have."


Celeste said...

Lisa, I'd love to read your paper in its entirety. Perhaps you wouldn't mind sending me a copy once the contest is over?

Meanwhile, you can count on us for prayer support!

Lisa said...

sure! I'll send it now...just don't point out any mistakes untill after the conference ;-) I'll send it to Mike's office email.