Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book review: Dave Sterrett's book "Why Trust Jesus?"

Dave Sterrett (2010)Why Trust Jesus?: An Honest Look at Doubts, Plans,Hurts, Desires, Fears, Questions, and Pleasures. Chicago. Moody Publisers.

Being the great book lover that I am, and being on a rather tight budget, I was told of a great way to get your hands on new books; to offer to post a review on your blog and a review on the sites of some of the “usual suspects” on line. So now the “disclaimer”…by accepting this book from Moody does not mean I am forced to write a favorable review…OK; OK…now move on!

You might recognize Dave Sterrett’s name along with Josh McDowell where they teamed up to write the book “ O” God: A dialogue on truth and Oprah’s Spirituality (2009, World Net Daily) which McDowell and Sterrett address in a readable way some of the popular misconceptions among Christians and non-Christians alike on the difference between spirituality, and the true Christian walk…because we are not all ‘climbing the same mountain’!

But with that plug, (you’re welcome Dave & Josh…*chuckle*) back to the topic.

“Why Trust Jesus?” is a wonderful, popular level book that gently and lovingly addresses many of the sad “Why?” questions asked by people suffering from old or new hurts…from losing a loved one, to being not answered kindly by a pastor, to those “un-answered” prayers…addressed to all those looking for an honest, thoughtful answer.

With a heart to share God’s truth, Dave lays out the biblical and just plain common-sense answers that may not fully satisfy; but I believe will draw the reader in to find out more. With so many guru’s, spiritualists, and pastors turned cheer-leader, this book gives some answers, not gimmicks.

It is time that a popular level book addresses the tough “why” questions…yes there is pain, but there is an answer to help you to keep going in this fallen world; and that is Jesus. It doesn’t mean your whole world will get easier, send you riches, health, or the love of your life; but what it will mean is you will find the Truth. You will find life.

Looking forward to your next book Dave!

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