Friday, November 18, 2011

Internet+ Google = Scholarship?

One of the most disastrous illusions of the Internet age is that an amateur plus google is equivalent to a scholar.  A search engine offers information , more or less relevant according to the skill of the searcher.  but it does not sift that information ; it does not sort fact from fancy, wheat from chaff.  It does not explain which facts are relevant and which are beside the point.  It does not weight the merits of competing arguments and tell the user where the balance of evidence lies.  A bright amateur armed with the Internet may be better informed than he would otherwise have been, and he may occasionally catch a real scholar in a factual error.  But it will not turn him into a scholar himself.

There is no such thing as effortless erudition.

Dr Timothy McGrew
Philosophy Department
Western Michigan University
From a 'note' on Facebook
November 17, 2011

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