Sunday, January 15, 2012

Michael Behe & Daniel Kuebler: Science and Faith Conference

I am running into Christians who do not understand Intelligent Design.  Would you take the time to listen to the professor who developed this theory.  This is Dr. Michael Behe (Bio-Chem, Lehigh), at the Science and Faith conference in Steubenville OH, this last December. There is a rebuttal presentation by Professor Daniel Kuebler after the paper by Dr. Behe.

Understand that just like Darwinism, this is a "Inference to the Best Explanation."  But according to Darwinism and Neo-Darwinstic theories; these are evolutionary processes which are premised by the idea of no-telos; no purpose...e.g. no God. And these theories cannot explain by "incremental changes over time by random mutation" the complexity of molecular "machines" within a cell.

Intelligent Design points out that the most reasonable explanation for the complexity in cellular biology is that it is designed.  It does not "prove" God, it only point to the possibility of a designing intelligence...that "could" be God. And quite frankly, it in no way takes away from biblical teaching; rather it enhances it.

And contra critics, it is in no way "anti-scientific." To know that this is an orderly universe has been the driver of science and philosophy since Plato.

Darwin's theory is God-less and purposeless.


Tom said...

Hi Lisa,

The ID movement has intrigued me for some time now and it has been instrumental in many ways in 'prodding' me to begin my website. You may have already seen this (below), but I think it may be applicable and relevant here (ie., re Behe/Kuebler):

Lisa Guinther said...

Thanks Tom,
Yes, if you scroll down the right side of my blog, you will see I put a link to your site.

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