Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Mordecai Project

In this New Year, I would like to encourage you all to think about supporting the ministry of Lee Grady and  The Mordecai Project.  Watch this video.

Throughout the world in many cultures there still is the endemic problem of the abusive treatment of women.  The cultural/traditional devaluation of women continues in the 21st century un-abated especially where the Gospel has not been preached, or worse yet, not clearly explained.

In India for example, thousands of infant girls are aborted because of the “problem” of having a girl baby.   You see, it is not just China’s one-child (and it better be a boy) policy that causes the abortion of girl babies. In India the use of ultra-sound causes gender selection; there is a "gender-cide" going on.  Parents want boys, not girls.  Boys bring honor, girls only bring shame and expense!

But the ministry of Lee Grady and The Mordecai Project is aiming to change that!

By preaching the love of God, and that men and women are equally created in the Image of God, he seeks to change the paradigm of abuse and devaluation of women.  His organization plans to build ‘safe-houses’ in other countries for women suffering from abuse, and Lee also leads intensive work-shops to teach men  in other countries how to be a better husband to their wives; abuse is never an option.

I personally have some very strong opinions about discrimination, both in the ‘world’ and in the church…but you have to understand the separation of sexes into "roles" over-seas is not just hurt feelings, it is a matter of life and death!  If women in other countries are not seen as having any value, they are abused and killed, or sold to brothels.  This is not about women as teacher and preachers, it is about survival!  Only in Christianity is there hope for women world-wide.

If you want an eye-opening read; get a copy of  the book “Half-the-Sky” by Kristof & WuDunn (2009, Knopf)

Please consider supporting this worthy ministry.  At the very least, consider passing along this video introduction so more people get the message.

Christianity historically was and is the only hope for the betterment of women...just remember the "exposed" infant girls of the Roman Empire were rescued by the early Christian Church...can we do that today?

Can you imagine how many abortions could be halted if women were valued as highly as men?

Please think about it.

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