Friday, January 20, 2012

"We Are Robots! We Are Puppets! The Church of Scientism." Post by Tom Graffagnino

This week I am featuring a post from Artist, Poet and Thinker, Tom Graffagnino.  Follow the link for the complete post.

The Bible is able to speak to and inform the human heart on every conceivable level and in every setting and context.  she is able to communicate spiritual truth to the people of any culture, nation or tribe.  and she can do so , ti seems, at any time.  She can communicate to and satisfy both the unschooled and the most highly educated.  she speaks here truth to the most miserably downtrodden and oppressed ans well as to the most comfortably ensconced powerful elite.  she can just as easily mystify and fascinate the innocent pre-schooler as she can mesmerize the wise and aged scholar.

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