Friday, March 23, 2012

Lord, Should I Change?

Something that has been bothering me.  I have been wondering about my personality, as a member of the body of Christ, I think I'm a bit *Loud* (who, me?)  As I walk this road with God, and grow closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I note that I don’t seem to have a nature like most of the other people that I observe walking with God, and I wonder, “Lord, should I change?”

I think on the many personalities I read of through the pages of the Bible, looking for uniformity, something that will tell me, “Yes, Lisa, here is an example of how you are expected to behave—this is your example of how God wants you to act—your personality should be just like this.”

But I can’t seem to find one “type” of person I should be like—everyone I read of between the covers of the Bible is different.
Examples like these:

Joseph was bold before a king, yet cried in front of the brothers who sold him into slavery.

Moses ran from a king, then, even while stuttering, led his people out of bondage.

Miriam led the whole worship for the nation of Israel, but complained about her brother’s wife

Rahab; an inn-keeper (harlot) in an army-citadel—not afraid to talk to spies: saves her whole family, and marries a prince.

Caleb and Joshua told the nation to take the land—the nation quit, died in the wilderness—but Caleb and Joshua walked the Promised Land.

Achsah, Caleb’s daughter has enough were-with-all to ask for her inheritance (instead of her husband) for a spring to make her inheritance of land better.

Ruth, willing to follow a mother-in-law: ends up leaving idol worship to be the great-grandmother of King David. (Her husband was the son of Rahab)

Debora, who not only was a prophet, was the commander and Chief of the tribes of Israel: wrote a song that is still a part of the Bible. (Perhaps we should set it to music now?)

Jeremiah was lamenting.

Ezekiel was play-acting.

Isaiah saw a Messiah suffer.

Qoheleth complained about the vanity under the sun.

Joel saw men and women filled with the Spirit of God.

Zechariah saw a remnant, refined by the fire of God.

Simeon and Anna prophesied over Jesus, the Messiah.

Junia was an Apostle, Phoebe preached to the churches of Rome.

Lydia, business women from Thyatira, had her whole household baptized (funny, no mention of a husband there), and a woman named Damaris followed Paul after his Mars Hill Sermon.

Euodia and Syntyche were temporarily arguing co-workers of Paul’s, who shared in his struggles in the cause of the Gospel.

Well Lord, I guess I just keep my eyes on You, stay in prayer, and keep on going.  It seems like you love me just the way I am.

There is no-one way to be.  As with all your created image-bearers: I am unique.


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