Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts on Christian Ministry

Thoughts on Christian Ministry.

I started writing this while sitting in the lobby of a hotel, waiting to drive to the airport to get my flight home. I just finished two long days of an intensive ministry seminar.  In this down time I decided to reflect on what I’ve seen, heard, and learned over these last couple of days.  My “take-away” from this seminar is a wider vision of what God is doing locally and globally.

To sit in a room filled with Kingdom workers with one single purpose: to fulfill the Great Commission…without hesitation. People who when Jesus said “Take up your cross and follow me” they did. People with hearts to reach the lost: from the high school gym to the orphanage in India, from the inner city, to the jungles of Thailand.

I am humbled and honored to have been in the same room with them.

But even with the magnitude of the God given visions for the lost, the world, and the Church; we had moments of just pure silliness!

Laughter, kidding around, and telling some really corny jokes; it was so wonderful to have something in common with over 60 people: a unified commitment to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with all our hearts, souls, minds, and abilities.

But with this meeting I can clearly see the vital need for the organization that I belong to:

Time after time workers in ministries aimed at high school and college age students gave us examples of kids coming to them with challenges to their faith: Youth leaders sharing stories of college students bullied by professors questioning their faith, young men and women in these ministries feeling frustrated and defeated because they couldn’t answer questions thrown at them.  These youth leaders were reaching out to learn the answers.

 Graduates of Apologetics programs frustrated, serving in churches who want to quit because their churches “…just don’t get it!”

 And the saddest one of all, the story of a bright young Christian student taking her first philosophy class without answers to the challenges of her professor.  She walked away from the faith.

Parents, you can’t keep your kids locked up at home.  You aren’t supposed to.  You are to equip your children to be workers in the Kingdom of God.  All of us, no matter what age (yes, even your 7 year old) should understand our faith, not just spout memorized lyrics to praise songs.  It is great and wonderful to teach children the song “Jesus loves me this I know…” but can they explain why?

When your kids come to you with questions about faith and reason, about Darwinism, about the accuracy of the Bible, and the reasonableness, rationality and TRUTH of Christianity; are you ready?  If you don’t know the answers, do you know where to get them?

I have found that to say “all you need is faith” usually means you might be worried that the questions an Atheist might ask you are true.  Blind faith is NO faith.  Mustard seed faith is supposed to grow into “…a tree so large that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.” (Matt. 13:32).

So I ask you, where will you get the answers to defend your faith?
Why not start here:

In our web-site you can ask question, get answers, and find links to other Christian Apologetics ministries.

Please, don’t wander around without an answer.  If you have questions regarding faith and science, the historical accuracy of the Bible, or how the Bible relates to our world today; please don’t go without an answer.

You are also welcome to email me personally and if I can’t answer the question, I can direct you to someone who can.

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