Sunday, April 1, 2012


Father in Heaven, I want to thank you for your blessings on this trip to and from Chicago:

·         For Vicki in the Denver terminal, a devoted Jewish believer.
·         For the amazing O’Hara traffic directors (parking) who sat with me on the train into Chicago.
·         For the delightful staff/students of Moody Bible Institute
·         For the ETS/EPS attendees including Myron Kauck (Liberty), Bryan O’Neal (Moody), Chris Reese (also Moody), Brandon Rickabaugh (Biola) Adam (email critique), Phil Lueck (Wheaton-ret.) Gene Green (Wheaton) and for the wonderful encouragement of Dr. Millard Erickson…Yes sir, I will keep on going!
·         The delightful server at “The 3rd Coast.” (and amazing salsa verde)
·         The great conversation with the woman on the train, heading to O’Hare…lots of fun! (Yes, come out and we’ll go to Dazzle Jazz)
·         Pam, a new Denver friend who I had a wonderful conversation at O’Hare waiting for our flight.
·         For getting my bag to me on time to catch the right bus back to Boulder.
·         For my friend picking me up from the bus station.
·         For rest on the Sabbath.
·         And for rain and snow tomorrow which we need out here.
·         For the angelic host that surrounded and guarded me everywhere I went.

And for every single person who prayed for me…wow, those prayers were amazingly answered!

Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One God now and forever, Amen.

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