Saturday, May 5, 2012

On Life

I want my readers to know that through all the sufferings of the life I have led up to this point had lead me to doubt the glories of this actual life, and my personal longing for the life to come in heaven.  This meditation came to me through my morning prayers and before a worship service today.  I felt that it was important to share this insight from my personal furnace.

On Life: 
So the gift you have given me—LIFE: an infusion, a pouring as from a fountain, washing over me and through me, washing me clean: Forgive me Lord—that I would want again to work so hard that my goal was not to serve you but to destroy the very life you died to save.

You want me to live, and until now I have wanted to die.  To build your Kingdom, my very life is not to be crumpled and burned to cinders—nothing more than road ash spread to keep cars from slipping on the ice.

You call me to show forth Your praise, to Rejoice, to sing Hallelujah—in that way Your love can shine through me to the lonely, hurting world.  For me to glorify You by reveling in the marvelous gifts you have given me!

I want to paint, dance, and sing! To Glorify your Name…to LIVE!

Give me your strength, your wisdom, knowledge and understanding—that I can reach the lost—show me my path; better yet, remove the blinders from my eyes to really see—and help me to rest in you.

Through Jesus Christ my Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit: One God now and forever, Amen.

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