Tuesday, June 19, 2012



When I was growing up, I was a horse nut.  I was one of those little girls who ate, slept, and breathed horses.  But I was a voracious reader as well.  I noticed that many of the books that I picked up to read, both hard bound and paper back ( and with a horse on the cover), seemed to have a familiar theme of rescue.

The heroine or hero of the story (and very often it was a girl) would find a abandoned, mistreated or injured horse that she would lovingly nurse back to health and low-and-behold that horse would turn out to be some wonderful thoroughbred racehorse that would end up winning some great race: remember National Velvet or books illustrated and written by C.W. Anderson?
But as I read these stories, I did not see myself as the rescuer, but the rescuee.

I always hoped that like that horse, I would be rescued…and those books gave me hope.

In the midst of the darkest days, somehow I never gave in to despair…I never quit, I always believed there was something better. I always looked ahead.  I never lost my hope.

Somehow God gave to me his grace and mercy which kept me from giving up.  Between my reading of the Bible and the comfort of the fictional stories, God’s love for me kept me going.

Jesus never left me. 

He was that gentle, loving and caring person who patiently brought this beat-down, badly used, broken human being back to life. He healed the wounds and erased the scars.  He knit together my broken soul and then added his color and life inside me.  I am not the person that I once was…I’m better: I am the person He always envisioned I would be.

It is such a revelation to be whole!
It is such a revelation to like the person I see in the mirror!
What an amazing restoration and gifting God has given to me.

“My chains are gone, I’ve been set free!
My God and Savior ransomed me…unending Love: Amazing Grace”

Such freedom,
Such grace.
Why don’t you join me?

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