Monday, July 30, 2012

Did I Blink?

As I am building my business little by little in Boulder, I am surrounded by various alternative beliefs, but what is usually lacking is anything remotely Christian, in fact in some cases there is an intolerance to the Christian faith.

Many people  have come to Boulder to escape “organized” religion, and I have heard horror stories of “What the church did to me” (...or to her,  to him, to us, or to them.) 

This time as I was sitting down with the owner of a store, I pulled out a few of the cards I make and did not show the cards with Scripture on them.

Thinking about this after I left the store, I wondered did I “deny” you Lord before men? (See Matt. 10:33)

I re-played the scene and in my mind created a scenario where I would “throw caution to the wind” and just put “all my cards on the table.” (pun intended)

And it didn’t look good this time.

Noticing the obvious new-age items for sale, I realized that this could be a person who has been so turned off to religion, and specifically Christianity, that I might “poison the well” for this business owner by sharing those particular cards. Sharing my faith is not a problem, but sometimes being too "in your face" with your faith, you lose the chance for friendship...which to me is just as important as the sale.

Why not use wisdom and let the store owner get to know me first and later share the cards with the scripture.

I think this time wisdom is waiting until later, and I think I actually was lead by the Spirit of God.

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