Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Random Thoughts

If I say to you, “You hurt me,” please say you are sorry and mean it. I will forgive you; but please give me some time to heal from the hurt you caused. If you don’t apologize I guess you just lost a friend.

Most Christians seem to be in the same broken condition they were in when they got saved. I wonder why?

Many of the “Imprecatory” Psalms are about how a fellow Israelite (a fellow believer) turned on one of their friends. Doesn’t that sound like today?

If we agree that we are, in Jesus’ words “the light to the world,” we all have pretty dim bulbs. But the rest of the world sees by our light just fine; look how well they can see every little thing we do wrong.

A Facebook thread is not a “real” conversation; so why does it feel that way sometimes? The occasional “chat” with a person half-way across the country, or the world is fun. I need to remember though, that I don’t always need to be right, even if I am. Lord, let me give grace instead to allow them to be stupid if they want to be.

Studying philosophy is great but rarely do I get people to talk to.  Either a person says 1. “That’s nice” and changes the subject 2. Tells you what a waste of time that is, or 3. Exhorts you as to what you really need to learn in philosophy, as they are the expert in all things philosophical.

Here is my clue to know whether a man is married or not. Where ever I am, I am usually reading a book. When I hear a man ask me “So, what are you reading?” “Philosophy” I say. Then I look up to see the reaction. If the man has a startled expression on his faced and says “Oh, I see” or “Right” as he slowly backs away, he is un-married. The married guys all sit down and want to have a converstation.

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