Friday, July 27, 2012

"The World Through the Eyes of a Child"

This is the song "The World Through the Eyes of a Child" by John Kuzma. The singers are from the "Sing a Mile High" concert July 1, 2012.  The writer of this song listened to his creation sung by nearly 300 beautiful voices.

I was pondering what it must have been like for the composer to release his song, and see it come to life, interpreted by this assembly of 9 different choirs.

God, one day you will hear our voices singing together the New Song that you wrote...that we will joyfully interpret in a choir of every tribe and nation.

But for now, these children blend their voices to sing these words:

Sometimes I see clearest of all when I'm alone and remember
Afternoon sunlight at school day's end:The World Through the Eyes of a Child.
Then I can see a world yet to be, here and now in my grasp, like Saturday mornings when I wake and see The World Through the eyes of a Child.

The world in the eye of a friend can reveal a new world living in me.
And some hemisphere we see through a tear can spin a new melody. 

When I grow old in winter and twilight, I will remember spring and Wisdom I learned for the sometime view of The World through the Eyes of a child.

Knowing that world will carry me on tomorrow, today and tonight when I close my eyes and I once again see The World Through the Eyes of a Child.

John Kuzma

Yelton Rhodes Music YR5402

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