Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Over-Looked Prophet

Allow me to shine the spot-light on a great Hebrew Prophet of the Old Testament who gets very little attention, yet was so revered by Israel that one of the gates in the walls around Jerusalem was named to commensurate this prophet contributions: Huldah.

The following is a quote of Richard M. Davidson, from his book Flame of Yaweh”(2007, Hendrickson Publishing, Peabody MA)

Davidson writes;
“Narratives from the time of the monarchy also spotlight a woman of special divine calling, Huldah the prophetess (2 King 22:14-20). Against those who argue that God never calls women to an office that includes a teaching function over men, note that when King Josiah commanded the priest and scribe, “go, inquire of the LORD” (22:13), regarding the discovery of the book of the law, they went to Huldah the female prophet for divine counsel when the male prophets, such as Jeremiah, could have been consulted. A woman was chosen to authenticate that scroll found in the temple was authoritative Scripture. According to 2 Kgs 22:14, Huldah lived in Jerusalem in the misneh,[1] which most versions translate as the “Second Quarter” (NRSV) but the NJPS transliterates as “Mishneh” and the KJV translates as “college.”  The latter translation may be the best inasmuch as some scholars have suggested that this has reference to an academy, perhaps even headed up by Huldah. This was apparently the view of early Judaism, which held Huldah in such high regard that the gates at the southern entrance of the temple were named after her.”  (p 272)

From this passage I would like to draw attention to one fact: King Josiah and his councilors could have chosen the prophet Jeremiah or other men, instead they chose Huldah.

Huldah: prophet, teacher and possibly leader of what may have been an entire college devoted to Torah.

[1] The word used from the Hebrew is missing an accent mark from a font used by Hebrew scholars that I don't have yet.

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