Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's Your Ministry?

What is your ministry?

We all have gifts and calls on our lives which we tend to set aside because we get too busy and distracted.  But perhaps it is time to think about what God has called you, gifted you, and is asking you to do for his kingdom.

If you haven’t assessed your skills, perhaps it is time to. You need to list the things you feel that God has gifted you with…and don’t go taking some standardized test (the really accurate tests cost money, the rest are simplistic and misleading).

Spend time in prayer and:
·        List what you are really good at.
·        List what really makes you excited.
·        List what your passions are.
·        Write down what you wanted to be “when you grew up.”

Now that you have done this, sit down with your spouse, or really close friends/co-workers and have then look over your list…and see if they can add or take away from it.  We all need to have someone take an objective look to see if we are assessing ourselves correctly.

Once you see what skill sets you have, start looking at what your dreams are, and ask God to show you what He wants you to do.

Now if God has put a ministry in your heart, see what additional training you will need to walk into this ministry…no matter how long you “think” it will take to get you ready.

And a little FYI: if God has called you to be a missionary to Japan, and you have confirmation, and you don’t know how to speak Japanese, your first project is to learn the Japanese language so well you speak it fluently.  I have no doubt you are called, but to be an effective worker for the kingdom in another country, God expects you to learn the language before you go.

Don’t let time, age, or a million other reasons stop you: even if you never develop your ministry, think of the adventures God will put you through while you learn.

Please don’t leave your dreams behind.

I believe that God gives you those dreams, because to follow his dream for your life will challenge and grow your faith.

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