Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Why Christians Should Oppose the Death Penalty" Calum Miller

“This piece is largely for my brothers and sisters over the world: the issue is not really a current one in the UK and I can’t see us implementing the death penalty anytime soon. But I have some strong feelings on this issue which need to be aired. I should note that I haven’t read much on this topic and so my arguments will only be rudimentary in form. And before my liberal friends express joy at the conclusion and my conservative Christian friends worry that I’ve pandered to liberal social trends, I warn that secular liberals will find little joy in this article. Indeed, I shall be arguing that conservative Christianity has most reason to oppose capital punishment (though NB I do not commit myself to all these theses here): Liberals will probably get as angry at some of the claims here as they would at a piece in favour of it. I will not be dealing with certain practical considerations (e.g. whether we can achieve certainty about a judgment of guilt, or whether the penalty unfairly targets a particular economic or ethnic group), but will try to stick to principled reasons.”

Thursday, January 24, 2013

From "Fear and Trembling"

If there were no eternal consciousness in a human being, if underlying everything there were only a wild, fermenting force writhing in dark passions that produced everything great and insignificant, if a bottomless, insatiable emptiness lurked beneath everything, what would life be then but despair? If such were the case, if there were no sacred bond that tied humankind together, if one generation after another rose like leaves in the forest, if one generation succeeded another like the singing of birds in the forest, if the human race passed through the world as a ship through the sea, as the wind through the desert, a thoughtless and futile activity, if an eternal oblivion always hungrily lay in wait for its prey and there were no power strong enough to snatch it away—then how empty and hopeless life would be!
(p 12)

 Søren Kierkegaard Fear and Trembling (2006,Cambridge University Press)

Friday, January 18, 2013


Lord, you call us into your kingdom and give us a task to do and a path to walk on.

We work at this task to show our love for you, as we start out on the path you placed us on.

As time goes on, we do this task to be an example to others, as we purposefully march on the trail you placed us on.

Later, we do the task and struggle the rocky road forward because we feel we have no choice.

Then, dragging our feet, we do this task and walk this dusty byway because we just don’t know what else to do.

But finally, we lift our eyes and look around us, and marvel that this task we have been given and the path we are on has always been a gift from you to bring meaning to our lives.


Monday, January 14, 2013

A New Blog

I wanted to invite my "Furnace" followers to check out my photo-journal blog: "Wanderings"

The link is here: http://wanderingsphotojournal.blogspot.com/

Or you can click on the tab on the navigation bar above.

I will post photos I've taken around the local area and from my travels.

And you are welcome to leave comments or purchase a print. 

Contact me via email for more information.

Lisa Guinther

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Housekeeping...and construction

I'm doing a bit of housekeeping and construction...don't mind the dust!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Can We Trust the Old Testament" by Richard Hess PhD

Here is a lecture by Dr. Richard Hess from spring 2012 titled "Can we trust the Old Testament?"

Another great resource is his book Israelite Religions: An Archaeological and Biblical Survey (2007, Baker Academic) You can find it on Amazon here.