Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Why Christians Should Oppose the Death Penalty" Calum Miller

“This piece is largely for my brothers and sisters over the world: the issue is not really a current one in the UK and I can’t see us implementing the death penalty anytime soon. But I have some strong feelings on this issue which need to be aired. I should note that I haven’t read much on this topic and so my arguments will only be rudimentary in form. And before my liberal friends express joy at the conclusion and my conservative Christian friends worry that I’ve pandered to liberal social trends, I warn that secular liberals will find little joy in this article. Indeed, I shall be arguing that conservative Christianity has most reason to oppose capital punishment (though NB I do not commit myself to all these theses here): Liberals will probably get as angry at some of the claims here as they would at a piece in favour of it. I will not be dealing with certain practical considerations (e.g. whether we can achieve certainty about a judgment of guilt, or whether the penalty unfairly targets a particular economic or ethnic group), but will try to stick to principled reasons.”

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