Monday, February 11, 2013

From Wineskins, "Sexualization and Christianity: How Should We Respond?"

Take time to carefully read through this article by Dr. Jennifer W. Shewmaker PhD. Jennifer is a nationally certified school psychologist and licenced specialist in school psychology.

I pulled this quote from her article "Sexualization and Christianity: How Should We Respond?"

“ When I talk about girls and women sexualizing themselves, I’m not talking about enjoying looking nice, exercising and eating healthily, coloring hair or wearing makeup. I believe everyone can enjoy looking their best and being healthy without obsessively focusing on their appearance as the primary source of their value. Sexualization comes into the picture when girls and women get to a point where they no longer see their own value outside of their ability to be attractive. In my research with adolescents, church going adolescents were even more likely than non church goers to rate physical attractiveness as linked to a female’s value. When following this up in interviews, I was told by young girls, 'Well there’s nothing else for us to do at church but look good.' and 'It’s our job to sit there and look pretty.' Girls are learning to value themselves only as they can be viewed as attractive to the opposite sex. They begin to see themselves only as objects of other people’s desire, rather than someone who is beautiful and valuable because of the person that God created them to be.”

Read the whole article here. 

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