Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prayed, Pray, Praise!

I took a quick trip today to re-charge my “spiritual batteries” at Denver Seminary. I find that if life is really getting to me, or I need to get a writing assignment finished, I escape to the library on campus.

I’ve been feeling so challenged in trying to get college work finished, and  trying to work, barely making any money, not being able to pay bills, and then receiving the news that I was turned down for the scholarships I applied for; this has been a really bad week.

I am in the midst of so much chaos that I have been feeling like God just doesn’t care about me.
He is not answering my prayers.
He is just not with me.

Today was a wonderful visit. I was listened to, prayed over, with promises to keep me bathed in prayer while I search for full time work to re-fund my life going into fall semester, as I am getting closer to my graduation.

I also finished a final essay for one of my courses, which takes some of the pressure off.

As I bundled up to walk the mile back to the train station in Littleton, the snow was wind-driven right in my face, and I muttered under my breath, “Gee God, a ride would be really nice today.” I sighed, and started trudging down the hill to Hudson Gardens and the light to cross South Santa Fe.

Just then, a small SUV passed me, stopped, and the reverse lights came on. A young man rolled down his window and said “Where are you headed?” I told him that I was going to the train station. He said “I’ll drive you, if you show me the way.” I got in the front seat and said thanks, and asked him his name.

He said “Emanuel.”
God with us.

What a great day!

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