Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Excerpt from "Hell: The Logic of Damnation" by Jerry Walls

 “...we can say hell is a sort of distorted mirror image of heaven. There is no place in it for the strength of real moral character, but an imitation of this can be had by those who deliberately achieve consistency in evil. It can offer no true righteousness, but it does offer the alternative attraction of self-righteousness. It holds no genuine happiness, but those who prefer it to heaven may savor a deformed sense of satisfaction which faintly resembles real happiness. Hell cannot truly be heaven, or be better than heaven, any more than evil can be good. But this lesson may be finally lost on those who persist in justifying their choices of evil by calling it good." (p 128)

Jerry Walls, Hell: The Logic of Damnation. (1992, Norte Dame, University of Notre Dame Press.)

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