Friday, January 3, 2014

"A Student's Prayer" by John W. Peterson

Today I read a great post by Mark Eckel on his blog Warp & Woof, titled Intellectuals in Love, which of course caught my eye. Mark wrote of the love of learning that we all should cultivate.

But what caught my eye near the end of his piece was the first verse of a hymn called A Student's Prayer.

I did some digging around the web and found that it was written by John W. Peterson (1921-2006). But I found the entire hymn posted here on Drew Patrick's blog Called Out.

As I read these words I think of those who have questioned my study of philosophy; fellow students who have asked me "How can you like to study this, you are a Christian?"

My response is always, to praise the great writing, great thinking, and then to say "These words challenge and deepen my faith."

I have found that my studies do "Bind [me]closer, Lord, to Thee..."

*Thanks Drew for the music as well.*

A Student's Prayer 

God, the all-wise, and Creator
Of the human intellect,
Guide our search of truth and knowledge,
All our thoughts and ways direct.
Help us build the tow'rs of learning
That would make us wise, astute,
On the rock of Holy Scripture:
Truth revealed and absolute.

O How vast the shores of learning
There are still uncharted seas,
And they call to bold adventure
Those who turn from sloth and ease.
But we need Thy hand to guide us
In the studies we pursue,
And the presence of Thy Spirit
To illumine all we do.

May the things we learn, so meager,
Never lift our hearts in pride
Till in foolish self-reliance
We would wander from Thy side.
Let them only bind us closer,
Lord, to Thee, in whom we find
Very fountain-head of wisdom,
Light and life of all man-kind.

© John W. Peterson Music Co. 1965

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