Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shadows and living in a war-zone

This will be my one-and-only statement on the current state of the University of Colorado’s Philosophy department.

There are absolute fire-storms on the internet of every Tom, Dick and Harriet getting their $.02 cents worth out there for all to see, because afterall, it’s fun to get readership.

But what all of these truly self-centered people forget is the toll it takes on all of us; women who are philosophy majors right here, and right now.

I have met with the new chair, and I believe that the department is committed to taking the steps needed to change the climate for women in the department.

But more than anything else; the actual change that needs to happen is in the culture. If society does not value educated women, if it is somehow of little importance that women study philosophy (or any other discipline), if women are still not valued as much as men, all of these efforts the university puts in place will, in the end, not matter a whit.

Remember that no-matter what people speculate about the “non-substantiated” reports of harassment: women would rather die, than report a case of sexual harassment.

Think about it!

At this point, I would like both the University and the APA stop trying to play the “Blame-Game” and start to work together to change the climate in ALL universities.

For I am convinced that if you change philosophy, you will change the world.

In the meantime, please remember that I “live” here. I am walking the halls and interacting with faculty in the philosophy department EVERY DAY, and I am struggling to get a degree in a discipline I am called and gifted to pursue.

I need prayer, support, and an occasional encouraging word.

Because right now, my life is all about walking through the valley of the shadow of death.


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