Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some Thoughts on Sacrifice

When you read of the sacrifice that Abraham was asked to make by binding Isaac to that altar, he really was willing to sacrifice his son, his dream of an heir, the child that he loved. 

But he so trusted the promise made to him by God that he was certain that his son would be resurrected even from the ashes.

We know that God stopped his hand, and provided the ram in the thicket.

In my own life, God repeatedly brings me to places of decision; not as extreme as Abraham, yet for me it has seemed as if I was being asked to sacrifice certain hopes and dreams I have held dear; maybe too dear.

And each time I felt as if this was a choice between God’s plan, or my dream. (Or perhaps I should call it an idol?)

I still look around, hoping that there will be some last minute “ram”, some substitute, or a word of consolation from God.

I still look for something that might sound like, “It’s ok Lisa, you don’t really have to give up that dream.”

Those words never come.

Because I realized that there has already been a Lamb slain as a substitute.

And my trust in God deepens.

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