Friday, April 18, 2014

A Good Friday Meditation

A Good Friday Meditation

As we walk towards the cross, and the commemoration of Jesus, the Son of God’s sacrifice for us on Golgotha; I had some thoughts on how we live this Christian life.

Somehow, through the long years of tradition, I feel that we have glossed over or edited away much of the teaching and challenges that Jesus gave to us all, when he came and told us to take up our crosses and follow him.

I look at this as a sort of a Facebook version of the Christian life.

Let me use myself as an example. 

On Facebook, you only see what I want you to see. I edit back what I post and don’t share everything going on in my life. You will really have to take a risk to find out more about my world. You will have to be intentional to get to know me. You will have to take time out to have coffee with me (or tea), or talk to me on the phone; to actually hear my voice for you to understand if I am under stress (which is most of the time right now,) or if I am relaxed, joyful or depressed.

I’ll warn you right now, that I am a difficult person to get to know; I don’t always have a very good editor between what I am thinking and what comes out of my mouth. There is a really good chance that I will hurt your feelings by telling you what is really on my mind.

But if you really want to be my friend, if you would really like to come along side me and grow with me; I guess that’s the risk you are going to have to take…and very few people in my world are willing to do that.

Let’s look again at Jesus’ life. He was risky; you never really knew what he was going to say. He also did not have ANY editor between his head and his mouth; at least from our point-of-view. 

But you could watch him and see how he treated those who were un-loved and un-cared for; so for some watching, they took a risk to talk to him. Yet not all those who hoped to learn something from Jesus got what they were looking for; for example, remember the so called “rich young ruler” or the Sadducees trying to trick him (the example of the Levirate marriage), or even the experts in the Law looking to be justified (the Good Samaritan): do any of you think it is fun to be made a fool of in public? Just try and defend a philosophy paper some time!

Yet to be a friend to the Son of God means taking risks. It means having your secure world turned up-side-down. It means waiting at the base of a bloody cross, watching the Pascal Lamb die…wondering when it is going to be your turn.

Are you willing to really get to know the Son of God?

See you Easter morning.

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