Thursday, November 27, 2014

What I am Thankful For?

I am thankful for God’s grace.
I am thankful that my prayers were, are, and shall be answered.
I am thankful that I have friends who love me and check on me.

That God has never forsaken me, has delivered me from hell on earth, and is slowly and carefully healing me.

That I am studying philosophy at the University of Colorado Boulder!

That I have a warm home, plenty of food, nice clothes, a bed, and BOOKS!

That I have internet friends who sometimes read my rants; some they understand, some they don’t. 

I am thankful for all those who pray for me; whether they agree with me or not.

I am thankful that I can express myself in print, photography and painting.

That I have a nice garden, great neighbors, and amazing classmates.
And for BOOKS!

That I live next to the mountains,
and that I have professors who want to teach me!

I am thankful for getting a scholarship this year.
I am thankful that I can attend church with people who love learning, and can’t imagine inequality in church leadership.

I am thankful for friends who just show-up to take me out to eat.

I am thankful for college, learning, and for intellectually and spiritually growing.

I am thankful for the good food that God provides and the talent he give me to cook.

Oh and for God supplying my needs, including BOOKS!

Praise God from whom all blessing flow,
Praise him all creature here below,
Praise him above ye heavenly host,
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


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